We sticking in the United States this episode!

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My Apologies for my Tardiness

I orignialy had this episode prerecorded and meant to post this to drop early this past Monday. But I got sidetracked by messing with my computers. And to be completely honest. I forgot I hadnt posted it.

I was getting ready to put together the artists posts of episode 3 when I realized that I didnt post it. I figured I should at least get episode 02 out before I put out episode 03 on Friday, lol!

Also on a side note, I will no longer be putting together video episodes unless I record them live with an actual camera. So those will be completely raw and unedited since I hate editing video, lol!

Enough already and get to the music Bonehead!

We kick things off with Bryanna Rain from Richmond, VA in the USA. Keeping it on the east coast of the United States we slide north to the New Enfland area and jam out on some 70's inspired hard rock from Spider Fingers' album 71 Spiders.

With his extensive history in the north eastern region and connections to the band Boston chances are you've heard of him already.

And finally we slide back south to Charlotte, NC for some afro beat? Yes, I said Afro beat in Charlotte, NC, USA! It's non other than Mezonic and his album The Love of Mama Africa.

He sent me 4 songs and I honestly could nt decide which ones to play. I usually keep it at two per artist. That tends to make a good 30 minute show. But man, it was a hard decision to make. So I just said the hell with it and played all 4!

It made the show jump to around 41 minutes and the file size larger than expected. But its well worth the extra band width.

I hope you enjoy these artists and will visit the links in their articles to purchase and support them. To be honest I hope I just connected a huge fan to an artist or band that they never would have heard of if they didnt tune in.

Till the next episode. Keep it LOUD!

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