Basic Band Info

  • Band Name: Jerry Adams
  • Album Name: Hot Summer Fun
  • Year Released:2020
  • Website: Music Style: R&B
  • Influences:Elvis Presley
  • Performing Rights Society: BMI (USA)
  • Label Affiliation: Independent Label
  • Geographic Hometown: Cowpens Country: United States
    Band Description:
    New R&B, Brown-eyed Country Soul, Soul, New Age Beach Music, Funk, Funky Soul


Born and raised in the dirty south, Jerry Adams credits his family with piquing his interest in the music business, since they were mostly in the music and entertainment industry themselves. As a young man he crafted his talent singing to himself in the hot cotton fields in Cleveland County, NC, and competing in local talent shows. He developed a smooth, sultry, soulful voice with a "crooning" style that is a blend of R&B, blues, and country. He often calls it "brown-eyed country soul."

While still continuing to develop his personal sound, Jerry's style already strongly personifies who he is. He is influenced by the likes of The Temptations, Marvin Gay, Otis Redding, and more, but his sound is still all his own.

After 20 years, Jerry's persistence, hard work, and dedication has paid off and he produced his first CD with three original tracks. Since that time Jerry has performed several of his songs during Cleveland CountyIdol. Now, Jerry is releasing his full-length album, Send a Letter, full of soul, R&B, and a bit of his own "brown-eyed country soul."



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