Basic Band Info

  • Band Name: Eli Anderson
  • Album Name: For All I Love
  • Music Style: POP
  • Influences: Prince
  • Performing Rights Society: BMI (USA)
  • Label Affiliation: Independent Label
  • Geographic Hometown: Suitland
  • Country: USA
    Band Description: When Paige Niemann spots Pop Star Eli Anderson on a red carpet she fans out daydreaming of the day he notices her. As the award show continues she finds herself back and forth from the real world into her fantasy.


Eli Anderson is a 26-year old american POP Artist. From his rise from an independent label to his new distribution deal with The Orchard a Subsidy of Sony Music, Eli Anderson has surpassed his youths dream.

At only 8 years old it was young Eli Anderson that discovered music. - From singing the lyrics of Jackie Robinson, Michael Jackson, and Prince to dancing in the mirror and performing for his friends and family - Eli quickly found that it was the soul of music that he would soon chase after. At only 18 years old Eli Anderson signed his first record deal and his dreams were set off - that is until he discovered the definition of the Music Business.

With the record label trying to make him everything he wasn't, he fought his hardest and through the lengthy process ended his multi-year deal with sed Record Label. - Within months of his exit from the label Eli Anderson released his second single finishing an uncompleted song by the late artist XXX Tentacion. Whoa Music Video; Labeled as a tribute to the late artist. Eli Anderson began to go viral, claiming almost half-a-million views worldwide and garnering the attention of fans around the world including the late artists record label Empire.

Now at 26 Eli has embarked on this amazing journey with Sony Music. - He’s truly free to be himself; From his bright smile, suave personality, to his Pop but at times soulful voice, up bringing o