Basic Band Info

  • Band Name: Den Edie
  • Album Name: OutSideR
  • Year Released: 2021
  • Website: Den Edie
  • Music Style: Cow Punk
  • Influences: Rock
  • We Sound Like: British Rock Band?
  • Performing Rights Society: ASCAP (USA)
  • Label Affiliation: Independent Label
  • Geographic Hometown: SUMMERVILLE
  • Country: US
    Band Description: "Nothing Left to Say" is alternative rock. The song was said to have a sound similar to Modern English, The Cure, Retro Beatles or some British Rock Band. The Artist says it is a Pop Punk Love Song.


Den Edie born Dennis Shan Edie in Dover, Ohio is an American singer/songwriter and guitarist who composes and produces rock, country, blues and punk influenced music. He is the former leader of Florida rock band VEIN who released three albums " Punk in a Heavy Metal World " " Sin City Angel " and " Raven's Eye " on there UMF label.

After graduating High School he spent four years serving his country as a United States Sailor on board the USS Fahrion and USS Vreeland. A proud American Vetran he then began performing in his first band in 1990. He became the leader of Florida rock band VEIN in 1996, then began recording as a solo artist in 2002. By 2003 he was witnessing the rock clubs closing, radio stations changing format and a general decline in the Rock Music Industry in Florida. This caused him to lost his way in life leading into a 15 year hiatus where music seemed not to matter anymore.

In 2017 he pulled the guitars out of the closet then released his first solo album titled " DEN EDIE " in 2020 followed by his second solo album " OutSideR " in 2021. His fisrt self title solo album contains 13 of his original songs. " OutSideR" contains 11 of his original songs plus a cover of the 50's classic " The Great Pretender." He has been a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers since 1997. His songs have received radio air play across the United States, Canada and Europe. He reffers to his rock, country, blues, punk sound as Cow Punk sometimes going by the name " The Amazing Cow Punks ? "

Press Release

The song " Nothing Left to Say " is featured because it got the best reveiws by the listeners comparing the sound to groups like Modern English, The Cure and the Ramones. A good groove mix sounding like a retro Beatles British Rock Band. Most popular thing being the cool guitar and lyrics.

I did make a video for the song but I think the video sucks so I tried to included my new video called " Ballad of the unknown Sailor " which I did because I am an unknown sailor and love it!! Wish I could do that again. The Nothing left to Say video is available at denedie.com as Ballad of the known Sailor should be soon now that it seems I can not embed a video to this EPK. They are available on reverbnation or you tube.

If " Nothing Left to Say " is not working for you I give a 2nd song.

" Full Moon Calling " is a sound I call Cow Punk. A cross between country, blues and punk rock? The unofficial band name was changed to " The Amazing Cow Punks " as a joke thinking WOW!! after recording this song with the idea being there are no electric guitars used on the recording. Depending on what your stations format is I give you at least an option to turn your listeners on to some new music.