Basic Band Info

  • Band Name: Andre Ward & K'Jon
  • Album Name: Casualty Of Love
  • Music Style: R&B
  • Influences: K'Jon
  • We Sound Like: Andre Ward
  • Performing Rights Society: ASCAP (USA)
  • Label Affiliation: Independent Label
  • Geographic Hometown:Chicago
    Band Description: R&B with a touch of Jazz

Press Release

K'Jon and Andre Ward feel the "Casualty of Love"
(August 17, 2021) When word comes out that an artist is releasing new material after a hiatus, there can be equal parts excitement and curiosity. The excitement comes from looking forward to hearing the new product, while the curiosity stems from concern if the industry has passed them by. For saxophonist Andre Ward and singer K'Jon, there is no need for concern on their latest collaboration single, "Casualty of Love," as they firmly place themselves near the forefront of Smooth Jazz and Adult R&B.

Five years since Ward's last project and eight since K'Jon's last album, the comfort found in "Casualty of Love" makes it seem like they never left. The melodic mid-tempo cut starts with Ward's sax intro, followed by consistent interplay with K'Jon’s expressive lead vocals. It's a song that talks about the benefits of love, and how it makes life so much better. The song puts a more positive spin on being a "prisoner of love" and is a reminder of why Ward and K'Jon each achieved Billboard and various other chart success in their respective genres.

Both K'Jon and Andre Ward have upcoming albums that will be released but after hearing 'Causalty of Love," here's hoping that a full collaboration project or tour is in the works as well!

By Keivu Knox